Banana Leaf Zine

Molly talks about the importance of slow fashion, why she chose to become a sustainable fashion business and the meaning behind Sophie Stokes Jewellery. 


Warwick Boar

Rhys Clarke Interviews Molly Lambourn's new venture- Sophie Stokes. 


Guest Speaker

Molly speaks with Warwick Enterprise about the importance of Art for positive mental health, avoiding creative burnout and how wellbeing sits at the core of Sophie Stokes. 


Soulful Couture Podcast and youtube interview

Molly speaks about inspiring quotes from Coco Chanel and the importance of growing her business ethically


The Grass up

Molly speaks about slow fashion and how growing up in a vintage loving household shaped  Sophie Stokes

Hummingbird Necklace

Surviving as a business during Covid 19: Case Study with Sophie Stokes for Warwick University

Founder Molly offers advice for students looking to pursue their own start ups and speaks about her personal goals for Sophie Stokes


Art Link

Molly offers honest advice in her interview about becoming a Fine Artist and working as the Founder of Sophie Stokes.


The Human Entrepreneur 

Molly speaks with Luke and Varun about Sophie Stokes, life as an entrepreneur and what it is like to be the founder of a start up business. 

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My Goddess Complex

Molly talks about her inspirations as an Artist and the story behind Sophie Stokes. 

Antoinette's teaparty black and white ci

Student Start Ups Improving Health

Molly speaks with Warwick Enterprise about how wellbeing is at the core of the Sophie Stokes Brand.